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About Us
Finishing Touches is a family-run business.  With that said, Amanda and Cheryl like to go to social events, often finding themselves reviewing (some would say praising or criticising) the event layout, and the various props that make up the event setting.

That's why Amanda and Cheryl set up Finishing Touches, we have a passion for creating that woe factor, whether it's adding a sweet cart, a balloon or two, or general dressing an event to make it that extra special. 

After all first impressions are important, so why not contact us today for a friendly chat on how we can help your special event.

What we offer

We provide our services on a per-item basis, For example; you can hire one, six, or more tree table decorations to suit the number of tables you have at your venue. Sweet carts and other decorative items are on a hire basis.  Balloons, favours and other unique items are sold items and therefore yours to keep.

Similarly, you can request multiple items and obtain discounted rates based on a bulk order of items.Delivery of items is based on a per-mile charge and agreed at the time of booking.  

Amanda and Cheryl provide a personal touch to any venue/setting.  Why not invite us along to discuss your needs, ideally at the event setting.  We provide consultative advice and recommendation services where requested to ensure we maximise the effect at your celebration.


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