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We cater for all types of children's parties.  Simply tell us the theme or your child's favorite character, or your theme and let us advise you on the art of the possible.  All budgets and needs catered for where practical.  You can be rest assured Finishing Touches will manage your individual needs.  items listed can be hired on a per-item basis, including any number of that item.  For example; you can hire one, six, or more tree table decorations to suit the number of tables you have at your venue.  Balloons and other unique designed items are sold, and therefore yours to keep. 

Multiple items and obtain discounted rates based on a bulk order of items.

Delivery of items is based on a per-mile charge and agreed at the time of booking.  


Sweet or desert cart

Children and adults love a sweet cart, this little extra is usually a family favourite at parties.  We can provide sweets/deserts or if required you can provide your own via our hire the cart only option.

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Balloon Tree

A simple yet effective table decoration for any children's party.


Balloon Arch

We can provide a balloon arch of any size to meet room requirements.  Similarly any selection of coloured balloons can be provided to match your party theme.


Birthday child - Age Balloon Tower

A nice addition, this balloon tower shows the age of the birthday person.  


Balloon Tower

Similar to the balloon arch, we can design any style of balloon stack to meet the theme of your party.


Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel stands at 1.2 meters tall, it can be used for sweets, toys or party bags/packs.  It manually turns around and contains eight baskets.

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Table decorations

Depending on the theme of the party we can provide any themed table decorations to meet your requirements.


Party Advice

We provide party advice and recommendations based on a consultative approach, why not contact us to see how we can help plan your party.

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